About Us

We are known as ‘Sea Trading Company’ where we started in October 1961 by our late founder Mr. Ng Kwee Chew @ Wong Teck. We were a sport and stationery company. With our founder interest in fishing, he converted the company to concentrate in distributing fishing tackle.

Going through business partnership and family-like unwavering bondings with other renown overseas manufacturers, we have outgrown Sea Trading Company. 'Sea Trading Company' eventually changed into ''Sea Tackle Sdn Bhd'' in 1988 till it were as today.

Nowadays, Sea Tackle Sdn. Bhd. is a veteran fishing tackle distributor in Malaysia. Our business are not limited to the local market area, the business has expanded to overseas markets, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines and Hong Kong. Apart retail store, and actively in research and product development. We are glad to become a distributor of international brands such as Fuji, Ryobi, Eagle Wave hook, Eagle Claw, etc. In addition, we also have our own brand Seaking and Ofmer. With our 50 years of experience in fishing tackle, 'Kewl' is our latest creation.

Prospects for the future, we still uphold the initial conviction, the quality of fishing products will be pushed to greater level. Besides, we have started to get involved in other outdoor sports (cycling, boating) in terms of research and development equipment and parts. To facing higher demands and needs of the future market, we are confident with our fifty years of experience.




至今,“海洋渔具有限公司”在马来西亚已是一家批发渔具用品的老字号经销商。我们批货的地区不限于马来西亚本地市场,业务也扩展至海外市场,如泰国,印尼,新加坡,文莱,菲律宾以及香港。我们除了经营批发,也从事门市零售,并积极研究与开发各种创新且实用的产品。我们有幸成为国际知名品牌的代理,例如 Fuji, Ryobi, Eagle Claw, Eagle Wave Hook 等。除此之外,我们也拥有自家品牌 “Seaking” 和 “Ofmer”,而“Kewl”更是我们集合了50年钻研渔具的经验所研发的最新产品。