OFMER Jiggly 36G Lure

Can be used both from shore or  boar, a bullet jig minnow weighs over 3 grams. From boar, you can mainly use this for nable shooting. Nabla, a crowd of boat fishes gets scattered once the boat approaches to it closely. The best way is to keep proper distance and long cast with jig minnows. Raise the rod to retrieve when a target is visible. When the target seems to be swimming under baits, jerk and twitch to simulate one of the weakened baits. From shore, sink it to touch the bottom then jerk quickly to avoid snogs. Keep retrieving when aim the upper paint until it passes through the point then sink to the bottom again. Change the target depth and distance frequently to search in 3D range. All kinds of wandering fish can be a target and rock fish as well if you look at the bottom.

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Product Description

 Type : Sinking
Size : 100mm
Weight : 36.0g
Depth : 1-2m
Action : Wide Wobbling


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