RYOBI Safari Spinning Reel

Ryobi 5000A Reel Safari Metaroyal Reel Jigging and Light Game (With an extra spare spool)

  • FS DRAG SYSTEM: The spool can be exchanged with the drag system set up.
  • DNA SPOOL: Casting distance go up and new shape to prevent backlash
  • FULL RANGE DRAG: High toughness assures the drag efficiency and lengthens its life. All range smooth, powerful and toughness drag.
  • MULTI-MAX ANTI-REVERSE: Have strongest and without stop space.
  • QUICK ROTOR: Light weight and small original friction.
  • G-STOPPER: Prevent bail from returning and easy to thumbing the spool when casting.
  • ROTARY FLAT OSCILLATION: Excellent durability and brilliant big impact endurance ability.

All parts made in Japan, assembled in Ryobi China factory

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Product Description

      RYOBI METAROYAL SAFARI 5000A JIGGING SPINNING REEL (With an extra spare spool)
 Model Mono Cap (m/lb) Brald Cap (m/lb) Bearings Max Drag Gear Ratio Line Retrieve (cm)
 5000A 400/16320/20200/30  300/PE4250/PE5200/PE6  7BB  12kg+  4.9:1  106


Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs