FUJI Titanium Torzite Ring Guide T-KLTG

FUJI Titanium Torzite Ring Guide T-KLTG

Equipped with TORZZITE. Single-foot design for spinning rods. Patented tangle-free design, works with Braid, Fluorocarbon and Monofilament lines.

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Single foot KL guides represent a solution to a problem that has long been examined by rod component manufacturers worldwide.
KL Guides from Fuji’s world renowned designers achieve the ultimate by providing a tangle-free frame that is ultra light, super strong and has almost no effect on rod performance.


Size :  12  16  20 25  30
H (mm):  19.7  26.2  33.5  44.0  60.5
L1(mm): 12.2  14.0  16.0  19.0  20.5
L (mm):  23.6  28.3  35.0  42.9  53.8


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