OFMER X- Deep Shad 75F Lure – (095-123)

OFMER X- Deep Shad 75F Lure – (095-123)

The X-Deep 75F measures in at 75mm but dives to a depth of 3.5 meters whereas the 85F measures in at 85mm and dives to a depth of 4.5 meters. With it’s amazing diving abilities and natural form, you can cast towards the deeper areas of dams, lakes and rivers. Being realistically shaped with real like swimming action, it would entice even the most hesitant fishes which hides at the deeper waters to strike!

SKU: OFMER-X- Deep-Shad-75F
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 Type : Floating
Size : 75mm
Weight : 11.5g
Depth : 3.5m
Action : Tight Wobbling & Rolling

X-Deep Shad 75F

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