YOZURI 3D Minnow 700 Lurs – F384

YOZURI 3D Minnow 700 Lurs – F384

A tournament level jerkbait, the 3D Minnow 100 and 3D Minnow 70 have a wide, stable action when fished jerkbait-style, and their incredible 3D finish produces fantastic reactionary strikes. A pair of over-sized eyes and set of molded-in pectoral fins add to the lifelike appearance. Steel balls located inside the 3D Minnows rattle and vibrate on the retrieve and assure maximum casting distance.

The suspend 3D will dive to a depth of 6 feet and is most effective worked with a jerk-twitch retrieve.

SKU: Yozuri-3D-Minnow-70-Lurs-F384
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Type : Suspending
Size : 70mm
Weight : 7g


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